An Edinburgh Christmas Carol [production week]

Since October, I’ve been working on two shows for the festive season: one, an immersive weekly cabaret; the other, an Edinburgh take on The Christmas Carol. Similar to The Suppliant Women, there was a callout for singers to play protestor carolers in the production. Yes, protestor carolers. The ban on Christmas/Yule vacation in Scotland wasn’t … More An Edinburgh Christmas Carol [production week]

[Fringe] ‘Ubu Roi’ & ‘Tommy Tiernan’

The King usurped, the usurper’s friends rejected, and then there’s a war. “It’s basically Macbeth”. Led by the Luden’s Ensemble, the vast world of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi is brought to life through more mediums and techniques than actors alone. From projection and shadow puppetry, to interactive live-streaming and an endless supply of props, you … More [Fringe] ‘Ubu Roi’ & ‘Tommy Tiernan’

[Fringe] ‘Hyprov’ & ‘Debauchery’

Improv. Hypnosis. Action! For the skeptics, the premise of improvisation under hypnosis will already sound dubious, so expectations on the delivery will be low. For the believers, particularly those living in the murky depths of the show’s audience reviews, disappointment seems a guarantee. So the lowdown: Asad Mecci, hypnotist, asks for volunteers to fill the … More [Fringe] ‘Hyprov’ & ‘Debauchery’

[Fringe] ‘Driftwood’ & ‘Pastor Jambus’

Innocent, playful, and just a little bit special. Situated in the Paris de Variete tent, the five-strong Casus Circus are drawn to centre-stage, gathering around a low hanging light like incredibly lean and toned moths to a flame. What follows is a compact hour of dance, physical theatre and circus arts – ground and aerial … More [Fringe] ‘Driftwood’ & ‘Pastor Jambus’