[Marc Brenner Photography] “Goodness is nothing in the furnace of art.” Mozart, barely known, has arrived in the music capital of the world: Vienna. Court composer, Salieri, is faced with a dangerous choice: to promote his talent like he has done with many other composers, or destroy his name. Back to 2017… Seen through the … More ‘Amadeus’

‘No Man’s Land’

Pinter, flares, and a power struggle. Having revived the Broadway stint with a short England tour, the production settled into London’s Wyndham Theatre for an impressive fourteen week run, with a live-screening two days before its close. The most striking element of any Pinter play is the frustration that boils under the surface of every … More ‘No Man’s Land’


[National Theatre at Home] Famine. Siege. Riots. Enemies. Put it together and what have you got? A Shakespearean tragedy. Lo, below. (Johan Persson Photography throughout) I found out about this production in April 2013, and had hoped to snag a ticket in time. In the era of the Avengers franchise and MCU’s domination at the … More ‘Coriolanus’