Italy | 24 Hours in Verona [day]

Walk with me: you’re not even five days into the holiday and… A member of the team is on crutches. What do you do? Go to the marble-laden streets of Verona, obviously. On the one hand, the city is flat. On the other, it’s full of slippery marble and hot cobbles – not amazing on … More Italy | 24 Hours in Verona [day]

Italy | Nowhere to Be

Nowhere to be, and nothing to do. To the mountains we go, and make the roads extra windy. Keep the views pleasant, the neighbours friendly (and mostly four-legged). And since we’re within the valley, don’t forget the most rural of aesthetics: bad 80s music belted out from an unknown source, and wafted across on the … More Italy | Nowhere to Be

A Fyne Ale

Why have one liquid, when you can have many? (Possibly one of the tagline pitches Fyne Ales binned early on, but you didn’t hear that from me). As ever, I’m asking the real questions. With work picking up, plus a random virus from nowhere knocking me flat this week, I could probably go for an … More A Fyne Ale


“Let’s go for a walk”, they said. “Before it gets dark”. “We’re about to go downhill – the soggy, slidey downhill – and out of the light“, I said. “The sun’s gone, now”, I said. “This was a bad plan”. Note to future Tarbert Castle visitors: 5pm in winter is not a good time to … More -6º