Part-Time Ski-Bum

I know what you’re thinking: “Another mountain? With clouds? And snow? We’re so surprised“. I make no secret that, if I could, I’d happily live in the snowiest of mountains (you know these ones are particularly snowy because you can’t see them. Real fact). Instead, I make do with going back to them – any … More Part-Time Ski-Bum

Mountain Veins

Painting or picture? La Rosière. Perched at 1850, it’s the sunniest resort in the French Alps. Up top, the view is breathtaking. But take a left, and follow the valley down… There’s a point when snow lies where it stops looking like snow and starts to look like skin. Mountainsides flex like muscle; here, the … More Mountain Veins

Littlest Peak

“It’s fifteen minutes to the top“ “How, it’s a hill” “That’s what it says” “It’s a stone hut at the top of a hill – if it was quick to get to by foot, it wouldn’t have been put there” The Dun na Cuaiche walk begins at Inverary Castle, and winds its merry way through … More Littlest Peak

Sound of Silence

Kilchattan Bay. Save for a dozen houses and part of the West Island Way (not to be confused with the West Highland Way), there is nothing here.Like many of the isles opposite the mainland’s West coast, these were once their busy trading ports, the water’s highways once filled with boats and ships of all power … More Sound of Silence

Blocked By Cloud

A sunny (for Scotland) day, only to be photobombed by a cloud. *insert joke on how the best thing about Rothesay is leaving it, and possibly get lambasted by a bunch of Westerners for it, even though, come on guys, it is slightly true* CHECK-IN: Since our return from the West coast, there’s been my … More Blocked By Cloud