Submit Your Encore

Welcome to the (eventual) monthly event: Broadway Encore!

Encore #1

What is it

Broadway Encore is about celebrating your favourite show experience(s) to date, that not even a review can touch. It is currently on hiatus until enough entries are submitted. Anyone can do so, and soon enough I will showcase 2-3 stories and a return link to their authors (unless otherwise requested), so join in!


Think of the worst show you’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing. Go on, I’ll wait. Got one? Ok, now name the best.

Not so easy, is it?

We can all wax lyrical about terrible productions, but the same is often harder to apply to something magical.

What do I do

Submit around 200 words of what made that moment for you, and a link to your blog/social media page of your choosing. It could be a gig, a play, a musical – the only condition is that you were in the audience of a live performance. Any queries, leave a comment below!