‘Chaos’ or ‘I Just Want My Desk Back’

Chaos: noun. complete disorder and confusion. This image probably best represents my life of late, chaos being the most appropriate descriptor. That mass of nonsense is a desk…in spirit. It’s where it should be, and currently isn’t. In between looking for, submitting, and creating work, there is also a property hunt, furniture moving and my … More ‘Chaos’ or ‘I Just Want My Desk Back’

[mask] Chaos #2

Harley Now, more than ever, I realise many things are destined to stagnation. Politics, hunger, war – these forms of organised chaos crave conformity and constancy. There is more than enough money in the world to solve financial poverty. There is food aplenty to end world hunger. The ordinary people outweigh the few who rule … More [mask] Chaos #2

[mask] Chaos

Harley I walk from room to room, the corridors of the establishment I am assigned “employee”. I often wonder if this is all there is to my existence, if I deserve more. I leave for home. My sanctuary, safe and warm, cordoned off from reality. God forbid I think outside my comfort zone. A nomad … More [mask] Chaos