An Edinburgh Christmas Carol [production week]

Since October, I’ve been working on two shows for the festive season: one, an immersive weekly cabaret; the other, an Edinburgh take on The Christmas Carol. Similar to The Suppliant Women, there was a callout for singers to play protestor carolers in the production. Yes, protestor carolers. The ban on Christmas/Yule vacation in Scotland wasn’t … More An Edinburgh Christmas Carol [production week]

A Secret Snowfall

Boxing Day, 2am. Snow has fallen. In six hours, specs will remain. In seven, there will be no trace. Just a secret between me and the nocturnal. One of my favourite things about snow at night is the way it dampens sound. When it fell, I was the only one awake (animals excluded), and snuck … More A Secret Snowfall

Belated Birthday

Another year, another birthday spent ill, this time it’s a flooring cold. That’s why I got on a plane headed for Paris earlier today, at the tail end of said cold. (Ok, this was planned well in advance, but let’s pretend this is medically sound advice). After a week of scarves, jumpers, golden milk and … More Belated Birthday