Part-Time Ski-Bum

I know what you’re thinking: “Another mountain? With clouds? And snow? We’re so surprised“. I make no secret that, if I could, I’d happily live in the snowiest of mountains (you know these ones are particularly snowy because you can’t see them. Real fact). Instead, I make do with going back to them – any … More Part-Time Ski-Bum

Red Horizon

My usual obsession – clouds – have been blown into the dust of late, thanks to some cracking sunsets in the last few weeks. Resolutions have never been my bag, and even if they were, the list would be a mile long because, as ever, I’m always up to something – only wimps use the … More Red Horizon

Waste of Mind?

“And everyone says get your head out the clouds, when all I wanna do is play loud.“ Open to the floor: can anyone guess my mood? One word, and winner gets top spot on my inbound Sunday Round Up.