Sunday Round Up #11


When was the last time you looked through the sites you follow?

Feel free to join in and link back to this post! Maybe I’ll discover some new blogs along the way… Otherwise, stick around, you might find something new!

11Charlie Emma Hay

A keen reader of the written word, this site was initially home to Charlie’s writings and reviews of the novels that have crossed her path. While still an active site, you are more likely to find her and her more in-depth thoughts over on her youtube channel.

Recent post: Who am I running for?

Ryan Patrick Dolan

A writer and performer by trade, ergo, theatre-related updates. Projects, film, podcasts, or promoting other people’s work, and the occasional thought-piece tangent (it’s a good ‘un).

Recent post: Kilroys Fundraiser in LA December 3rd

Rhyme Written Red

If you consume original poetry and creative writing, Johnathan’s site – once collaborative, now more individual – is bursting at the seams with four year’s worth of the stuff.

Recent post: Will it never be day?

Melissa Mostyn

A writer, film-maker, artist, and published journalist. She is also an advocate of deaf and disabled issues in parenting and the arts, leading her to create her nominated documentary.

Recent post: Toy Like Me: a statement

Angela Clayton

Angela’s incredible skills in costuming gained Buzzfeed notoriety early last year and one look through her work explains why. Unlike her other social media outlets, her blog is more of a tutorial space.

Recent post: Making an 18th Century Robe a la Turque

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Crafty Crafty, Catchy Monkey


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So interesting start to 2014! Busy, tragic and wonderful all at the same time. The only thing that hasn’t changed is Time escaping my desperate clutches. Naughty Time, go sit in your basket. Given the intensity of my course, I … Continue reading

Let The Games Begin!

As of next week, my adventure as a postgraduate begins (although if you count the induction chat then technically it has already begun). Excited doesn’t cover it.

However, I have other reasons to be excited.

Exhibit A: my DC’s New 52 purchases. And those funky lines? Some unnecessary (but entirely necessary) 3D/hologram covers breaking the camera. Such a consumer. I was torn to get these, I’ll be honest. What with the whole uncomfortable debate about the female creators and character omissions, and as ever the gigantic breasticles out front, it was a hard decision. I mean if you want your readers to only see tits, how about manning up and showing them? Or better yet, just make a mountainous pair of breasts an actual thing. And we’ll call it: The Titillator. They won’t do much, just jiggle. …I have no idea where I’m going with this.

ComicsOn a more serious note, it’s also disheartening because it gives false hope to the big-breasted ladies of the world: no matter how big they are, you’ll always be able to run, jump and flip your way to victory – gimmie a break. I’m a C-cup and jumping for any length of time will begin to ache.


(Better reasons to be excited follow this one, honest).

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