Happy Bricks

Old West Coast (of Scotland) proverb: ‘All who enter here maketh the bricks chipper‘. . . . So I made that up, but it’s never too late for churches to adopt a tagline, right? I mean look at this guy. It’s so down with what goes on indoors, even its windows are singing. Having had … More Happy Bricks


“Let’s go for a walk”, they said. “Before it gets dark”. “We’re about to go downhill – the soggy, slidey downhill – and out of the light“, I said. “The sun’s gone, now”, I said. “This was a bad plan”. Note to future Tarbert Castle visitors: 5pm in winter is not a good time to … More -6º

Snow Withdrawal

Snow, three ways: On the ground, on the dog, and from the sky. For one week, Scotland went white; within a day, it disappeared. Now it’s gone South for the Winter, and I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

Order in Chaos

I mentioned somewhere that a house project was underway, so my online attention has been a bit sporadic. Add in the political hootenanny that’s been (limply) ramping up, and alongside some job searching, my head really hurts. (For those outside of the UK, we had a snap election on the 8th). Compounded with redrafting two … More Order in Chaos