‘Hamlet’, All is Not Well

All is not well in the state of Denmark. Hamlet’s lost his marbles, and people keep dying. What a to do. Staged at London’s Barbican, and live-screened internationally, Hamlet begins with Mr H listening to his father’s gramaphone records alone and not with the ghostly appearance upon the battlements. Nicking, fiddling and giving Bernardo and … More ‘Hamlet’, All is Not Well

‘Richard III’, Inb4 Fake Goldfish

Richard, Richard, Richard. Where to begin, you fickle beast? Should we start with the questionable and over-egged grunting during the death scenes? Perhaps the point of having audience on stage (none, in case you were wondering). Or maybe the controversial goldfish scene, not least because the fish never received their Equity pay (seriously, read the … More ‘Richard III’, Inb4 Fake Goldfish


If you ever plan a trip to Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, or any other time of the year, check out Summerhall. As a venue that was once part of the Edinburgh University campus, it opened its doors in 2011 as a big ol’ arts and performance venue, and grows bigger and better by the … More ‘Blackbird’


[National Theatre at Home] Famine. Siege. Riots. Enemies. Put it together and what have you got? A Shakespearean tragedy. Lo, below. (Johan Persson Photography throughout) I found out about this production in April 2013, and had hoped to snag a ticket in time. In the era of the Avengers franchise and MCU’s domination at the … More ‘Coriolanus’


Who was the clever person who didn’t read the sign correctly, which clearly stated: “1 hour 15 minutes. No interval” ? Who, instead, thought it said “1 hour 15 minutes. Interval” and thought she had missed how long the second half would be? So who, then, at what transpired to be ten minutes before the … More ‘Dragon’