Concrete Division

Trippy, right? Behold the dichotomy that is the Scottish summer.Taken before the rush of the Fringe, when we weren’t open and could have the beanbags all to ourselves while Barry White croaks over the foyer.

‘Glory on Earth’ (preview), Lyceum Theatre

“Don’t take it to extremes, John”. Glory on Earth is “a meditative look” at a very unsettled and volatile time in Scottish and Unionist history, not least due to the Reformation. Consisting of only two characters – John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots, along with a six strong cast of her ladies-in-waiting/’Marys’ – the … More ‘Glory on Earth’ (preview), Lyceum Theatre

When Colours Collide

Edinburgh: where an extinct volcano system lives in the country’s capital. Possibly named as King Arthur’s sit-upon. Better known for miniature coffins, a drunken 6th year (final school year) tradition where you climb to the top to watch the sunrise, killer swans, and somewhere to watch any firework display because sod the money-grabbing Hogmanay organisers. … More When Colours Collide

Laidig – A Family Affair

Just my great-grandad (right), his brother and sister-in law, and their pork butchers in the early 1900s. I mean why else would you leave Germany for Edinburgh? And yes, I’m afraid that nose is still alive and well throughout the rest of us. Bastard.