Snow-Capped Devils

I’m all about mountains and clouds, preferably taken mid-flight. If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that the above three are my vice when it comes to photography, and the flight home from Italy was no exception, because it meant a journey over the Alps.Many were still snow-capped, and hidden among the barren peaks … More Snow-Capped Devils

Rorschach Bikini Test

Holidays. A much earned break is fast approaching. And as the year’s first treat to myself, I went all out: swimwear. …it’s a splurge to me, ok? Besides, not everyone can say their bikini has a Rorschach test at the back. I see the face of an ape. What do you see?

Belated Birthday

Another year, another birthday spent ill, this time it’s a flooring cold. That’s why I got on a plane headed for Paris earlier today, at the tail end of said cold. (Ok, this was planned well in advance, but let’s pretend this is medically sound advice). After a week of scarves, jumpers, golden milk and … More Belated Birthday