[National Theatre at Home] Famine. Siege. Riots. Enemies. Put it together and what have you got? A Shakespearean tragedy. Lo, below. (Johan Persson Photography throughout) I found out about this production in April 2013, and had hoped to snag a ticket in time. In the era of the Avengers franchise and MCU’s domination at the … More ‘Coriolanus’

Liebster & I, Again

 Looking out my window on Monday, as the Edinburgh haar rolled in for a second day, I doubted the news reports suggesting weather hotter than the French Riviera was due this coming week. See, the fun thing about living close to a port is the view from Arthur’s Seat. The downside…is the port. But, through … More Liebster & I, Again

Liebster & I

Saturday 29th March was Earth Hour. Spending an hour in the dark, in the dim but pleasing glow of candlelight, I decided to abstain from the mountain of work I’m bashing through and finally get around to this thing I’d been putting off: While I don’t follow enough blogs to fit the criteria – and … More Liebster & I