‘The Madness of George III’

[Manuel Harlan photography] “Your majesty must behave, or, endeavour to do so” 1786. Three years after the Treaty of Paris, the King’s mind is unravelling. Plagued by bouts of porphyria and suspected bipolar disorder, which ultimately led to the Regency Crisis of 1788, what first passes for eccentricity descends into the intelligible ramblings of a … More ‘The Madness of George III’

‘This House’

[Johan Persson Photography] It’s 1974, and Britain has a hung Parliament. Infighting, backstabbing, breaking tradition and, strangely, a staggering number of deaths. We follow almost a full Labour term in office pre-Thatcher’s win, and the lengths each party will go to maintain a majority. The Good Politically, socially, and economically, the 70s in Britain were … More ‘This House’

‘Antony & Cleopatra’

[Johan Persson Photography] “Though I make this marriage for my peace ⁄ In the East my pleasure lies” Surrounded by gossip and scandal, Antony (Ralph Fiennes) has fallen hard for Cleopatra (Sophie Okonedo). Civil war and rebellion is ever-present, alliances are strained, but Antony just can’t quit his Egyptian Queen. We are poolside at the … More ‘Antony & Cleopatra’