‘Sea Wall’

“I’m holding my entire head together – the skin and the shell…of me. I’m falling absolutely inside of myself” We open in a photography studio, natural light emanating across space, and the sounds of the outside world drifting in through the windows. It is still. Enter Alex, a man with much on his mind, but … More ‘Sea Wall’

‘Hamlet’, Harold Pinter Theatre

There’s a heatwave in London, and Hamlet’s not coping. Here’s the rundown: the palace is more penthouse, with a multi-purpose conservatory-like structure – sometimes a hallway, wardrobe, but mainly a recurring memory of Claudius and Gertrude’s wedding on the patio. Hamlet and Ophelia are an item, and Hamlet is drowning in a grief-stricken psychosis over … More ‘Hamlet’, Harold Pinter Theatre

Encore #1

Event time. Ready, set, go. We can all remember the worst show we’ve seen. So why are the better ones harder to recall? Well, rather than endeavour to find the answer, I took a shortcut and asked people to simply try. Read on and enjoy! Aladdin, Broadway, New York “…Two years ago, my best friend … More Encore #1