Readers: Brb, Under Construction

Good morrow, fellow readers, you’re all looking beautiful today.

Life is currently doing its darnedest to get in the way of everything right now, so posting is currently on hold until I’ve mastered the art of cloning and/or teleportation. (If I succeed, I’ll take pictures. Promise).

As of today, Laidig’s Broadway is under construction. If things start looking a bit random or unfinished, odds are I’m frantically pressing keys trying to fix it. (Enjoy that image, I know I will).

The reason I’m refraining from posting recently is primarily because I have nothing in my box of tricks. Or too many things. It’s complicated. Either way, until I can sort out a whole myriad of troubles, posting is the last thing on my mind right now. When I can piece together enough time to concentrate, rest assured, your eyes will be pleased. A Laidig can only spin so many plates.

My ultimate goal is to better use this site for future work (grammar say what now?). If it’s one thing this year’s Blogging 101 has done for me (like it did for me last year) is to come at my page from a whole new angle. Perhaps leaving academia had an effect, too, but visualisation has its advantages. While the premise of the site won’t change, I’ll will be sharing more about my work (something I’ve been wanting to do since the beginning) and constructing a substantially better looking (and more convincing) portfolio. Posts will continue when the mood takes me, just try to ignore the scaffolding as best you can. Hard hats will be provided.

Back in a bit!
– Laidig

[warning: this message will self-destruct when the job is done]

The Rain Has Gone, But I Still Can’t See, Nash

There’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow. Next week. Year. Another lifetime…

My head is full. Creativity is at an all time low. Need to escape the current chaos. Need to stay put, ride out the storm. I want to write, talk, scream about anything and everything, but I can’t word good right now. So I have retreated to the one format I know I’m not too shabby at, and none of my readers have ever seen. Ooo, the suspense.

I also latterly realised this coincided with The Daily Post’s prompt, so here it is:

Life’s too short to avoid the inevitable. Continue reading

Summer To-Do List: The Red Pen of Doom

Series. What’s on your list?

We all remember it. At school, it told us we need to try harder, this isn’t the right answer, and the nerve-racking “See me”.

However, at my school, I had a couple of teachers who liked to throw the cat among the pigeons and mark our work with a green pen, so bang went that theory pretty early on. Continue reading