[Risoul/Vars] Snow by Airfield

Risoul – 1174m. Vars – 1320m. Not very high, but what they lack in height, they make up for in width. Alpine skiing with American slope width? Hot damn. As an advanced skiier, rarely ever away for longer than ten days, the challenge is always the same: ski as much terrain as possible. The whole … More [Risoul/Vars] Snow by Airfield

Part-Time Ski-Bum

I know what you’re thinking: “Another mountain? With clouds? And snow? We’re so surprised“. I make no secret that, if I could, I’d happily live in the snowiest of mountains (you know these ones are particularly snowy because you can’t see them. Real fact). Instead, I make do with going back to them – any … More Part-Time Ski-Bum

Mountain Veins

Painting or picture? La Rosière. Perched at 1850, it’s the sunniest resort in the French Alps. Up top, the view is breathtaking. But take a left, and follow the valley down… There’s a point when snow lies where it stops looking like snow and starts to look like skin. Mountainsides flex like muscle; here, the … More Mountain Veins