Sunday Round Up #6

When was the last time you looked through the sites you follow?

Go right back to the beginning, to the first batch that ever received that magical follow click from your fingertips.

Every fortnight, I round-up five of my followed blogs. Since joining in late-2012, some are still going strong, others not so much, but all are worth the mention. Feel free to join in – do your own and link back to this post! Maybe I’ll discover some new blogs along the way… Otherwise, stick around, you might find something new!

Writing by Lorna


If you like your Rabbie Burns, but dealing with modern chat instead of yon bonnie braes, look no further.

I think it was after the death of a schoolfriend that I found Lorna – I’d adapted Tae a Moose/To a Mouse because for some reason my brain decided to grieve like that. Occasionally, this form is revived garnering a fraction of air time, and amid my search for anyone else playing around with it, this is where I landed. Continue reading

Summer To-Do List: Red Pen Strikes Back


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Series. What’s on your list? Draft one ends, and the second begins. But after the workshop on Saturday past, I noticed something among my script, scribbling grey all over my words. The scribbles were no longer red, the colour of … Continue reading

Summer To-Do List: The Red Pen of Doom

Series. What’s on your list?

We all remember it. At school, it told us we need to try harder, this isn’t the right answer, and the nerve-racking “See me”.

However, at my school, I had a couple of teachers who liked to throw the cat among the pigeons and mark our work with a green pen, so bang went that theory pretty early on. Continue reading

Summer To-Do List: Play


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A couple of weeks ago, the lovely lady over at Living in the Moment made her very own summer to-do list, which prompted me to do the same. Except it took me a bit longer, because…reasons. Anyway, it was actually … Continue reading


In a nutshell: Macbeth, the aftermath. Written in 2010, and originally premiered at the Hampstead Theatre with the RSC, Dunsinane returns to its homeland a year prior to the looming Independence Referendum. As a result, I found it incredibly difficult not to watch it as one big political allegory.

King's Theatre 2013

King’s Theatre 2013

I’ll say this now: I think this is another one of those ‘I’m not with the band’ moments. As a whole, the plot was sound and there were many moments I really enjoyed. Malcolm (played by Sandy Grierson) and his English Army ensemble were brilliant. The music was beautiful, although there were a few occasions where I didn’t follow its purpose. Towards the end it did become a little Reservoir Dogs, however, and I would love to know where Siobhan Redman (Gruach) got her Gaellic accent from.

Continue reading