Snow-Capped Devils

I’m all about mountains and clouds, preferably taken mid-flight.

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that the above three are my vice when it comes to photography, and the flight home from Italy was no exception, because it meant a journey over the Alps.Many were still snow-capped, and hidden among the barren peaks were thawing glaciers, glittering in the sunshine. Snow is my favourite kind of water, only bettered when found on a mountain. Even in the height of the Mediterranean summer, they’re calling me, the devils.

CHECK IN: You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet recently. Usually, August is a time for shows and reviews, but working for the self-same festival comes with a few bias-related limitations this year (well, that and free time is gold-dust). The Unofficial Guide will be back either tomorrow/next week, as will the Round Ups!

Crap Title Alert: Guest Post & Blogroll Feature

Good morrow, my fellow lairds, ladies and loiterers. As you might have noticed, we are now in July, so before we lose ourselves to the mania that is summer, a few house notices.

It would appear that at the top of the year, when I made a few targets for the next twelve months, one of them might have been a little conservative. For reasons best known to you (yes, you), March was an especially exciting time on this site, and it has continued ever since. So, without further ado, I shall re-announce them, with updates (and gusto).

• Refocus Monday posts and adding a second posting day – check.
• Set a new monthly view count – update: I’m doubling them again.
• Double WP follower count – update: (woaaOH, we’re) halfway there.
• Match followed count to follower.
Create a blogroll of theatrey-types.
• Introduce a continuous segment for the site.

Over the remaining month, I’m going to expand my hunt for theatre-types on WordPress and build this blogroll once and for all. If you have any that you think I should know about, link away!

I also want to introduce a currently untitled segment (suggestions welcome) for people to submit their favourite/best show experience to date, and their worst. It could be a play, a gig, that one time at band camp – the only rule is that you were a spectator, and you can submit as many times as you like. You can even submit for someone else if it’s peaks their interest. The aim is to publish a few at the end of a month, pingbacks where necessary, but we’ll play that one by ear to begin with. So, to conclude:

Any theatre-types I should know about? Link ’em.
Any good/bad show experiences? Like the post, or comment below with “good/bad”, the show and a brief tagline.

I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I’ve set up a submission box. I have a few in the bag to get the ball rolling from non-bloggers and myself to give you an idea of how this will go. Looking forward to what awe and horror awaits me!

Summer To-Do List: Red Pen Strikes Back


This gallery contains 3 photos.

Series. What’s on your list? Draft one ends, and the second begins. But after the workshop on Saturday past, I noticed something among my script, scribbling grey all over my words. The scribbles were no longer red, the colour of … Continue reading

[Fringe] ‘Spoiling’ & ‘Lippy’


“We are not independent. We are indentured.”

2014 Spoiling, Traverse Theatre, edfringe

Post-independence referendum. It has been won, and a keynote speech by the Scotland’s Foreign Minister, along with other Westminster politicians, is due to be made. But what on earth will either side say?

Spoiling was a quick 50 minute taster, witty and to the point, set in the office of Foreign Minister, Fiona. She is a character politicians dream to be, reminiscent of the tenacious Margo MacDonald, and a dash of Mo Mowlam (for those who are not familiar with UK politics, they left behind a fair set of boots to fill). Continue reading