[Fringe] ‘Ubu Roi’ & ‘Tommy Tiernan’

The King usurped, the usurper’s friends rejected, and then there’s a war. “It’s basically Macbeth”. Led by the Luden’s Ensemble, the vast world of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi is brought to life through more mediums and techniques than actors alone. From projection and shadow puppetry, to interactive live-streaming and an endless supply of props, you … More [Fringe] ‘Ubu Roi’ & ‘Tommy Tiernan’


If you ever plan a trip to Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, or any other time of the year, check out Summerhall. As a venue that was once part of the Edinburgh University campus, it opened its doors in 2011 as a big ol’ arts and performance venue, and grows bigger and better by the … More ‘Blackbird’