Mountain Veins

Painting or picture? La Rosière. Perched at 1850, it’s the sunniest resort in the French Alps. Up top, the view is breathtaking. But take a left, and follow the valley down… There’s a point when snow lies where it stops looking like snow and starts to look like skin. Mountainsides flex like muscle; here, the … More Mountain Veins

Snow Withdrawal

Snow, three ways: On the ground, on the dog, and from the sky. For one week, Scotland went white; within a day, it disappeared. Now it’s gone South for the Winter, and I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

A Secret Snowfall

Boxing Day, 2am. Snow has fallen. In six hours, specs will remain. In seven, there will be no trace. Just a secret between me and the nocturnal. One of my favourite things about snow at night is the way it dampens sound. When it fell, I was the only one awake (animals excluded), and snuck … More A Secret Snowfall

Littlest Peak

“It’s fifteen minutes to the top“ “How, it’s a hill” “That’s what it says” “It’s a stone hut at the top of a hill – if it was quick to get to by foot, it wouldn’t have been put there” The Dun na Cuaiche walk begins at Inverary Castle, and winds its merry way through … More Littlest Peak